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5 Ways to Protect Against Financial Exploitation of The Elderly

Posted by M. Rodriguez on 3/27/17 2:22 PM

















Senior citizens make up approximately 14.7% of America's population, with a projection that it will skyrocket from the current 46 million people over the age of 65, to 98 million and beyond in the year 2060. As an increasingly prevalent part of American society, we often forget that our elderly are among the most vulnerable, and even worse, often subject to financial fraud that can destroy the rest of their lives. Contrary to what you may have heard, you don't need to be wealthy or living extravagantly to attract unwelcome attention. Every senior citizen deserves the opportunity to enjoy a happy retirement, Whether you're enjoying your Golden Years, nearing retirement, or caring for elderly family, continue reading for useful tips that may prevent another victim of financial con artists.

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The Surprising Benefits of Life Insurance: The AmeriLife Guide Pt.2

Posted by M. Rodriguez on 1/24/17 10:54 AM




There's a good chance that if you're reading this you're interested in knowing more about life insurance, especially if you arrived here from our previous article, The Surprising Benefits of Life Insurance: The AmeriLife Guide Pt.1. It's not uncommon that many people consider purchasing life insurance as an afterthought or a necessary evil, but in truth, life insurance has much more to offer. 

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The Surprising Benefits of Life Insurance: The AmeriLife Guide Pt.1

Posted by M. Rodriguez on 12/14/16 9:42 AM



Life insurance is one of those subjects that don't often make it to the dinner table or family gatherings - that's a given. It's a topic that most people seldom want to discuss because of the associations people have with just the words "life insurance": death, doom, gloom, who and what you'll leave behind, and so on.

What you may be surprised to learn, is that life insurance can carry an entirely different meaning for you if spend the time to understand what it can offer you and the people you care for most.

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American Retirement Living is Drastically Changing: Here's Why

Posted by M. Rodriguez on 12/1/16 10:48 AM



As the holidays approach and 2016 draws to a close, this time of the year is often spent in reflection as a brand new year is set to begin. As a nation, we've weathered many changes to our healthcare system, growing concerns over the state of Social Security, and whether or not Americans can actually afford to retire. Despite the many questions hanging in mid-air that have yet to be answered, America continues to roll with the punches as they come while experts probe the uncertain future of a rapidly aging population.


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3 Reasons Why Spreading Holiday Cheer Will Make You Happier

Posted by M. Rodriguez on 11/23/16 11:04 AM




For many people, the coming holidays have one singular and defining emotion associated: joy. Joy because the weather is cooling down, joy because family members are coming into town, joy, because no matter how hectic and stressful our lives can get, a few days out of the year allow us to focus on our most treasured traditions instead. If you're a parent or grandparent, you know that watching your children and grandchildren make cookies for Santa warms your heart, that all the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into earning the money for presents has all been worth it for the smiles and hugs.

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7 Ways Travel for Seniors Can be Affordable During The Holidays

Posted by M. Rodriguez on 11/15/16 9:56 AM


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5 Tips for Seniors on How to Have a Safe Halloween

Posted by M. Rodriguez on 10/28/16 4:14 PM


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Calling All Ladies! Here Are 5 Ways to Maximize Your Retirement

Posted by M. Rodriguez on 10/20/16 3:53 PM




When it comes to retiring, you can never plan and save enough! There's many factors to consider with retirement: how long you'll live, what your current expenses are, expenses you may incur down the road, the investment options that work best for you, and beyond. Women in particular have a harder time retiring than others - in fact, a recent report by the National Institute on Retirement (NIRS) Security found that women are 80% more than men to face poverty - yikes! 

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What is The Medicare Annual Election Period and Why Should You Care?

Posted by AmeriLife Blog Team on 10/10/16 4:57 PM


What is the Medicare Annual Election Period?

The Annual Election Period (AEP) lasts for about 2 months every year and allows people to make changes to their Medicare benefits. It lasts from October 15 to December 7 each year.

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"What's The Maximum Social Security Contribution?" and Other FAQs

Posted by M. Rodriguez on 10/5/16 10:17 AM



Social Security Benefits: You know the term and chances are, you're counting on them to come into play when you're ready to retire from the work force. If you're like most Americans, you probably keep watch over your paycheck's contributions to your Social Security fund, but aren't planning to use them if you're not close to retirement, especially since more people now than ever are choosing to work longer and retire later.

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